Virtual Reality Visits

It is important for a potential buyer of a property to be able to project himself in it, mainly when they buy it to live in it, but also when it is an investment intended for rent. Thanks to the technology we developed for your virtual reality visits, only with their smartphone, they can walk around in an apartment that is not yet built.

But we didn’t stop there! Virtual visitors will have the possibility to transform the property they visit in order to make it look like they want to:

  • Paintings: a selection of basic colors is available in order to personalize every room
  • Floor: a section of floor materials are available, such as tiles or parquet, so the visitors can install what suits the in their projection
  • Kitchen materials: the kitchen countertop is also customizable, with darker or lighter coverings, completely changing the dynamic of the room

And that’s not all! It also possible to choose the time of the day, so they can see which room is lighted at which time, to turn on and off the lights, to open and close some doors.

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