Amazing Functionalities

Are you still presenting only 2D plans to your future buyers? It’s time to take it to the next level and offer them the opportunity to visit the properties under construction in 3D, directly from their home on their smartphone! This will allow you to raise the efficiency of your sales teams while presenting to your potential buyers an app with a professional and qualitative rendering.

Self-guided visits

The app we propose to develop for you is the first one that allows visitors and thus potential customers to visit their future property alone, to realize the space of each room from their home before the appointment with your real estate agent in order to go go deeper into details for the future sale.

HD renderings

In order to give a professional rendering to your real estate properties that are available on the app, we push the potential of their smartphones to the maximum. We want them to have the feeling that they are visiting a real property, that is already built, and to have the opportunity to project themselves in this property.

Private app

We are the first creative agency for virtual reality to propose you an app that is entirely private, with your own name and logo, and with only your properties available.


You have the possibility to directly contact the people who downloaded your app thanks to push notifications. If they decide to also give you their email address, you will also have the possibility to send their your newsletters.